Book Review: Jack Charles Born-again Blakfella

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Jack Charles Born-again Blakfella by Namila Benson

We have all heard about the Stolen Generation and wonder how it could have happened in this country.  But it did.  We can’t change history but we can learn about it and hope to goodness it is never repeated.

This story is written about one of the Stolen Generation.  It is a no-holds-barred memoir that is so moving.  How Jack Charles survived is a miracle in itself.  The cruelty of those responsible for looking after him is so shameful.  It is very difficult to read what happened to this innocent child but I urge you to do so.

We all need to learn and understand what our ancestors in the not-too-distant past were capable of and hope we have grown more understanding and compassionate of others.

Webmaster comments: I read June’s book review and wondered who is Jack Charles and the writer Namila Benson.

Jack Charles (born 5 September 1943) is an Australian actor, musician, potter, and Aboriginal elder. His screen credits include the landmark Australian film The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith (1978), Bedevil (1993), Blackfellas (1993), Tom White (2004) and Pan (2015), among others. ¹

Namila Benson was born in Australia to Papua New Guinean parents. She is a Tolai woman from Rabaul in the East New Britain Province in Papua New Guinea and was born in Melbourne, Australia. As well as being an author she is a radio and TV presenter at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. ²

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