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CFHRI is a FamilySearch Affiliate Library

Read on to find out what this means to Caloundra Family History Research Inc. members and visitors to the Affiliate Library for FamilySearch.

The benefit to members and visitors is free access to 350+ million restricted images that are not directly available on the FamilySearch website unless being viewed at a FamilySearch Centre, FamilySearch Library or FamilySearch Affiliate Library.

Members and visitors must physically visit our research centre to access the additional records which will only be available through PC #1 and PC #2 in the computer room. Access is via the FamilySearch website.

To access FamilySearch you will need to login using your personal login details. If you do not have a login then register at the FamilySearch site to create a free account.  Anyone using FamilySearch at the rooms, home or anywhere else must login. Note: make sure you logout at the end of any session especially when using a public computer.

If you are unsure which computers in the computer room have access there is a FamilySearch logo on the computers login screen and the link to FamilySearch is just after Google on the toolbar.

If searching at home how can you tell more records are available at an Affiliate Library for FamilySearch? In this example of a hint you can see the indexed details for Martha Gibbins.

Family Search Hint example

If you roll down to see more information after the mothers name it is possible to see that the images are available at a family history centre or FamilySearch Affiliate Library.

FamilySearch example part 2

There is also the option to click the down arrow to find document information such as the film number,  how to cite the record and more This information may help you locate the images when at an Affiliate Library. Making it easier to find sources at a later date is a good reason to have a personal logon to FamilySearch.

FamilySearch example part 3

Depending on the records being searched and what part of this record has been indexed, what is seen on your computer screen will vary from the above images.

Remember the FamilySearch tree is one large shared tree not a personal tree. If you add new information or persons to the tree it is good policy to attach the source for the information. At the same time hints provided and sources others have added to persons are not necessarily attached to the correct person. Care needs to be taken to review the material before adding it to your own tree or the FamilySearch shared tree.

When are the rooms open for research?

Check out our Events Page for opening hours.

Is there a cost?

Access to the FamilySearch records is free for members and visitors. If visitors elect to access other Caloundra Family History Research Inc resources there may be a small cost. There are charges for printing. The librarian in attendance will answer any questions regarding fees. Alternatively join up and have access to all of Caloundra Family History records.

Do I need to book a session?

Currently bookings are not required. Give consideration to others if people are waiting to use the computer. Depending on demand pre-booking may be introduced.

Where do I find the affiliate library?

Our rooms are located at Sunshine Coast Turf Club precinct, Pierce Avenue, Little Mountain. Entry is via Gate 2. A map is on the bottom of the About Us page. There is plenty of parking outside the building.

Do I need a FamilySearch Logon?

Yes, this is a requirement from FamilySearch to get access to the records at the affiliate library. If you do not have a login then register at the FamilySearch site to create a free account.

Any questions?

Contact us if you have further questions.

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