First Life Membership Ever Awarded

Loris was totally surprised at the AGM

For the very first time ever, life membership was awarded to member Loris Gray at our recent AGM in August 2020. The meeting was conducted on Zoom and we surprised Loris even more by inviting her daughter and two sons to attend the presentation. To say she was totally surprised and a little overwhelmed would be quite an understatement.

AGM meeting via Zoom where Loris Gray was presented Life Membership

Loris received this very deserving award because of her tireless efforts in helping others as well as the many projects our group has undertaken.  She has been a member since 1997 and has not stopped working for the group for that entire period.  Loris has been the Assistant Librarian for many years which has involved cataloguing new books, preparing the library roster, assisting in Library Orientations, maintaining the file and database of Members’ Pedigree Charts and standing in for the Librarian during their absences.

Loris is always assisting on CFH projects

Some of the projects she has assisted with include indexing many records and encapsulating our historical maps. See Loris back in 2015 with Valerie Thornton looking at a map they were working on.

Loris Gray - having a sit down at the Bunnings Sausage Sizzle.

Above is one of the rare occasions when Loris puts her feet up while helping at the Bunnings Sausage Sizzle fundraising event.

She also opens her home to members for a lesson on research conducted by experts.

Loris is well-liked by other members.  She is always there to lend a hand with someone’s research or to give advice where needed.  We are so happy to be able to bestow this award on Loris.  She is so deserving of this life membership.

Below you can catch up with some other CFH Loris moments as a Lorrie Barzdo Writers’ Award winner and judge and presentation of a Certificate of Appreciation for the 2018/2019 year by Patron Mark McArdle.

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