How to login and logout the members only area

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To log onto the members-only area of the website you need to be a current member and have a user ID or email address and the password associated with the user ID and email address. If you are a new member and have not received an email with these details then contact us to request your log on details.

Once you have these details you can start to log on via a number of locations on the website. These include clicking “Members Login” on the menu bar or the Login Link on the right-hand side panel. See Figure 1.

Login Figure 1

Figure 1

There is a login box on the bottom right-hand side of most pages. Figure 2 shows the details prior to logging on and Figure 3 the status once you have logged on. Figure 2 shows you the login area prior to logging in and Figure 2 is this area once logged in.

Login Boxes Figures 2 & 3

Login Boxes Figures 2 & 3

Once logged in you have access to the pages in the Members Only area. Hover your mouse over Member Login text on the menu bar to see the drop-down menu with more links to members-only pages.

To logout use the Logout link towards the bottom of the page as shown in Figure 3 or the Link on the top right just below the menu. See figure 4.

Logging out of the members-area on the website

Figure 4

The link Profile and Logout links are also available in other sections of the website so keep and eye out for these.