How to search a PDF

Once you have opened a PDF in a web browser or downloaded it to your computer then you can search the document as a short cut way to locate what you are looking to find. Search for keywords, names and locations to help your family history research.

Search the document

  • To SEARCH within a PDF such as the Caloundra Clipper or newsletters use the FIND short cut key. This is Control + F for Windows or Command + F on Macs.
  • A new search box may appear somewhere on the page or the application has a permanent search box.
  • Once you locate the search box type in your search word and click the return or enter key.
  • If the document has the word or phrase multiple time then keep clicking the return or enter key to find more places it is located.
  • The find option is available in many other software applications such as Word and Excel so it’s a handy shortcut that every computer user should know.