Freemasonry in Queensland with Ros Lauder

At the October 2019, General Meeting Ros Lauder talked about sources for Freemasonry in Queensland. It was of interest to people interested in local and family history.

The following information is based on details supplied by Ros about her talk:

Talk Synopsis: Freemasonry in Queensland

Freemasonry SymbolFreemasonry came to Queensland with the first European explorers and was formally established just prior to Separation from NSW in 1859. It has had a lasting influence on Queensland. For many families, the attendance of male members at Lodge was a familiar occurrence.  There are many sources which will allow family historians to trace their Masonic ancestors or relatives. Ros’s talk will cast light onto what many may regard as a secret society.

People commonly belonged to one or more of the many other fraternal, benevolent and friendly societies. These were a part of everyday life up until the later part of the 20thcentury, but these habits evolved with the shifting tides of social change.

These organisations were part of the waves of settlement in Queensland, and for Freemasonry, into PNG.  Their ebb and flow reflect and echo the changes in society in Queensland over the last three centuries.

The presentation will outline the history of Freemasonry.  What sources are available for those who wish to discover more about that Brother who may be in the family.

Meeting details for this talk by Roz Lauder is available in the events calendar. (Previous event)

Ros Lauder - Freemasonry Sources + General Meeting