How to make Credit Card Payments via Paypal

A number of pages on the website including joining, renewals and Events & Products pages give payment options and basic details on how to pay. This knowledgebase article gives more details on making Credit Card Payment via Paypal. Help for more payment options is available on the Direct Deposit or Cash at the rooms knowledgebase pages.

When bookings have been made online, forms at the library or other method you can still pay by your selected payment method. If you wish to pay by credit card via PayPal then look for the “Add to Cart button” for the item(s) you wish to order. Click the button.

Figure 15 – Paying by credit card

Once you have added something to the shopping cart this will update towards the bottom of the page to show the items in your cart. See figure 16.

You can add more items by changing the quantity or clicking the “Add to Cart” buttons such as those shown in figure 15.

Once you have finalised your selection then click the “Checkout with PayPal” button. Figure 16.

Figure 16 – Shopping cart

This will take you to the secure PayPal site. You can elect to log into your PayPal account with your email address and password or select “Pay with a Card” if you want to do a one-off card payment. See figure 17.

Figure 17 – PayPal Log on

You do not need a PayPal account to pay however then you will need to complete more of your details on the forms provided by PayPal. If you have an account select the options you prefer when making your payment.

Read carefully and follow the PayPal instructions. If this is your first time using Paypal then do not rush.

If you change your mind you can cancel out of the PayPal payment before the payment is finalised by using the “Cancel and return to Caloundra Family History Research Inc” link. You will return to the CFH website “Payment Checkout Cancelled” page which provides Direct Deposit details and may show your shopping cart. If showing you can still pay by PayPal if you wish to do so. If the cart has disappeared this might be due to your computer settings or that you actually did finalise the payment. So before reordering and paying again check for an email from PayPal that will confirm if you have paid already. If not then you can reorder at the Events & Products page.

Remember PayPal will send you a receipt via email confirming the payment with some details.

This transaction will appear on your credit cards statement as PayPal * CFAMILYHIST.

When your PayPal payment is successful you return to the thank you page.