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Call for Feedback & Comments on the New CFH Website

Stage one of the new Caloundra Family History Website is to bring our current website materials into a new, more modern, user friendly website that will attract new members and benefit our current members.  We are interested in your feedback and comments in the comments section below. These comments require a name that is shown on the site and email address which is not shown on the website.

Comments on this page are public so if you have feedback, comments or even suggestions for more content, that you wish to send directly, then feel free to use the Contact Us form instead.

Replies to other comments are welcome also. Comments are monitored and may not be published when inappropriate.

We cannot promise we will be able to introduce all suggestions however we will build them into stage 2 and stage 3 upgrades where possible. If any members wish to help with the on going site maintenance and update contact Fran. Training will be provided.

5 thoughts on “Feedback & Comments”

  1. Thanks for password Fran and thanks for all you do for CFH. I will be away from 3-21 May. Look forward to catching up with everyone when I return home. Ruth

  2. Hey Girls,

    Great Job – Have had a good play this Morning – will be great to just go to the web site – to read current newsletters, Clippers etc, as I always try to keep them and then can never find the e-mail etc if wanted later.

    Well done – keep up the good work as I am sure you will.

    Jenny Neubecker

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