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The CFHRI family history research service is aimed at helping people interested in researching their family history, but for distance, health or other reasons, cannot carry out their search of the group’s resources in person.  We cannot undertake research for those able to visit our rooms. We can, however, show you when you visit our rooms, how to use our resources effectively to undertake your own research.  There is a $5 visitor charge per day of visit.

For an initial donation of $15, and $20 per hour thereafter, experienced CFHRI members will carry out your research for you.

The group has a large range of resources, including numerous CDs, Microfiche, Electoral Rolls, Gazettes and Directories.  It has access to hundreds of online sources including FamilySearch, FreeBMD, Findmypast, The Genealogist and Ancestry Worldwide edition, plus many more.

The initial donation covers a review of the information you already have and an assessment of the task.  Should you decide to go further, research will be carried out in hourly increments. This allows you to manage your budget and to develop additional information gathered from documents you obtain from other sources.

The group can advise you on where and how to get documents such as birth, marriage and death (BMD) certificates. Some certificates, for example, England and Wales can be obtained through the CFHRI certificate ordering service. Others will be your responsibility, with advice from our researchers.

A word of warning – family research can be straightforward or complicated.  It can be expensive, time-consuming and can uncover both saints and sinners.  But above all, it is definitely habit-forming!

For further information, to discuss, or to register your request, email the Research Co-ordinator of Caloundra Family History Research Inc at:

Research Documents to Download:

Family History Research Service RegistrationTo register for family history research please download and complete the following document: Registration for Family History Research Service.

For further follow-up research, you may need the Follow-up document after discussions with Caloundra Family History Research Inc.

Research Service Admin: Results Document Template.