2022 Lorrie Barzdo Writers’ Award

Start writing your family history story

A reminder to members to start writing their stories for the Lorrie Barzdo Writers’ Award. This annual event encourages members to write a story about a family member, an event or anything family history related.

Lorrie BarzdoThe award was started over 10 years ago when in 2010 Lorrie Barzdo donated money to provide a cash prize of $100 for each of the next ten years. CFHRI now funds the prizes in continuing recognition of Lorrie. Read more about the award and past winners on Lorrie Barzdo Writers’ Award: Writing Family History page.

The first prize is $100. If this is your first time writing a story we have a Novice group with a prize of $50. This section does not compete with former winners. We are family historians and one of the most important things we can ever do is to write about our families for our future generations.

Entries due by midnight 3 August 2022

The competition will close on Wednesday 3 August 2022 at midnight. The winners will be announced and certificates & prizes awarded on Thursday 18 August at the AGM, in the rooms. The competition is only open to CFH members. Members interested in entering can download the Lorrie Barzdo Writers’ Award instructions.