Book Review: Barefoot through the Bindies

Loris Gray, Caloundra Family History assistant librarian has reviewed a book available at our library. As noted in the earlier book reviews, these short reviews help members discover books and other resources in our library. Library resources are available for members to take home to read or reference in the rooms.

Barefoot through the Bindies by Marion Houldsworth

Would you like to know more about a spare boy? Or a slush lamp? An engine that blew smoke rings? Marion Houldsworth’s Barefoot through the Bindies could help you out. The sub-title Growing up in North Queensland in the early 1900s draws on the memories of many ‘narrators’ whose voices were recorded for the North Queensland Oral History Archive, established in 1980. Dr Brian Dalton [J.C.U. Townsville*] held the philosophy ‘that the oral tradition has a significant and legitimate role not only in teaching about our past but helping to equip us to face the future.’

With an index and bibliography, the book is illustrated with advertisements from the newspapers and appropriate photographs from the period. In Professor K. Kennedy’s words in 2002, this book is ‘poignant and captivating, a sheer delight to read.’

* James Cook University

Webmaster notes: Marion Houldsworth has written a number of books covering topics such as living in the outback, cattlemen and more. These are published by Boolarongpress and you can see more of Houldsworth’s titles at their website

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Barefoot through the Bindies”

  1. What a wonderful hook for a book title.

    As a 10 and 11 year old we holidayed at Rainbow Bay. We spent each and every breakfast laughing our heads off as we watched unsuspecting barefoot joggers running through the bindies on Greenmount Hill.

    Will have to to read Barefoot through the Bindies

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